Medic Vehicles, Bradley Fighting Vehicle and an Army Motor Pool


A medical M113 A.P.C. (Armored Personnel Carrier). The driver sits up front while the “tank commander” sits up top. Both heads are exposed as needed or can drop below the hatch for battle. They communicate through a headset to each other and are linked to the company and battalion level. Infantry companies normally have one M113, with 3 medics and a senior medic, attached to them.


A M557 track vehicle. M557s are normally attached to the H.H.C. (Headquarters, Headquarters Company) and carry medical supplies and records. M557s sometimes serve as mobile aid stations during mass casualty scenarios. Medic vehicles do not have mounted weapons like the one in this picture.


An overhead view of an Army Motor Pool.


Bradley Fighting Vehicle… aka Bad Ass Motherfucker.


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